Périphéries 2020
Urban installation
Allée Anne-Marie de Backer, Montpellier, France
As the Polygone 2020 architectural project reached the end of its course, some peripheral urban axises around the building located in Montpellier just didn't reflect this idea of renewal. This urban project intended to rehabilitate and requalify an outdated pathway alongside this building.

This was an opportunity to implement an interactive and poetic scenography in which passers-by would take the time to understand their influence on the video-projected generative visuals.
La Faille Urbaine
Montpellier, France
Roughly translatable as «hollow space», the focus of this project was to design a house that a couple could live in. The specificity of this intervention was the available ground surface of 4.5x4.5 meters.

Working vertically appeared quite obvious, giving the opportunity to establish a meaningful dialog between the different floors of the house.
Cargotecture - Le Mirage
Public infrastructure
Le Petit Travers, Carnon, France
Visual render for a public project based on the concept of «Cargotecture», reusing old industrial containers used on logistic boats.

This unique architecture is formed around a reflexion oriented towards the sea, the beach, and the physical phenomenons that one can witness in such places : the mirage.
Place Dionysos
Urban installation
Place Dionysos, Montpellier, France
This project emerges from a desire to unite the population around a single space to be discover and understand, offering people to take their time and appreciate the present time. A second purpose was to break the boundaries between communities and spark a true interest for local activities.

Consequently, the use of interactive light animations projected on the ground of the square was retained for this project. After an artistic research on the particle, the final proposal was to set up an installation composed of light modules which can be moved around by people, directly influencing the behavior of the projected visual. This was a first approach of the idea of generative art.
Entre 2 eaux
Carnon, France
Camp Ceceles
St Mathieu de Tréviers, France